Guidelines For Supplying Files

upload_pdf.pngWhen you order custom posters, business cards or other custom products, you will be asked to submit a PDF file with your layout. This page provides guidelines for creating such documents. Layouts ordered through the Tyco store should adhere to these guidelines as closely as possible. By meeting these guidelines, there is a greater opportunity to reduce the overall cost of your job through reducing the amount of time that we spend altering, correcting or preparing your file. Subsequently, the faster it will move through our shop and arrive at your desk.


General guidelines

These are the rules that supplied PDF files should adhere to. Contact Mark Millan from the Marcom department if you need any assistance.

  • All the pages should be included in the correct order in one single PDF file.
  • All colors and images should be CMYK.
  • PMS colors should not be altered and also should be appropriately specified.
  • Images should be at least 250 dpi.
  • If the design calls for images or color bleeds, there should be a minimum of 3 mm or one-eighth of an inch on all sides that trim.
  • The document size should be the same as the trim size of the final piece.


Application guidelines

We recommend to use the GWG settings for creating PDF files.

Adobe InDesign

Full documentation and presets for all versions of the Creative Suite can be downloaded from the GWG site here.


Full documentation and presets for XPress versions 6 to 8 can be downloaded from the GWG site here.

Adobe Photoshop

Please do not create your documents in Adobe Photoshop. Unless you are very careful, text is stored as an image in a Photoshop document. This causes it to be printed slightly blurred. Editing images in Photoshop for inclusion in a layout obviously is no problem!